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Editor’s Pick #165: The Music Tee, with Mos Def and Amanda Blank by caitlindewey
The best of both worlds?  The Music Tee is a shirt that doubles as an album.

The best of both worlds? The "Music Tee" is doubles as an album download.

Here’s one designer creation I can’t wait for Forever 21 to rip-off: cross-platform music promoter Invisible DJ and high-end designer LnA have just teamed up to create “the Music Tee,” a shirt that actually doubles as an album, according to the New York Times.

The front of the trendy T features the cover art from a recent release, the back shows a track list, and the tag boasts a unique download URL, where wearers can snag the album.  Amanda Blank and Mos Def are the first to get the Music Tee treatment; a slew of up-and-comers from the Nylon roster, like the Plastiscines, Crookers and David Gray, are scheduled for T-shirt appearances this fall.

The shirts are $39 each and available in stores at Saks and Bloomingdales, or online at LnA’s site.  LnA also has a mix Music Tee for sale, which is $69 and features songs by Magic Arm, Passenger and the Silent Years, among 11 others.  The price is admittedly nothing to scoff at, but the mix is phenomenal —  I’ll be jamming to “Around the Bend” nonstop this week, for sure.

Of course, if those aren’t exactly your style, LA’s Friends of Friends is offering a similar package — their organic cotton T comes with a download of Friends of Friends Volume 1, by Daedelus and Jogger, plus exclusive remixes from Nosaj Thing, Elliot Lipp and more.  According to FoF, their goal is “to help re-invent how music is released in a way that is not only more involving for the artist (A&R, artwork, marketing) but more importantly truly enticing for the fans.”

I’m enticed, alright!

— Caitlin Dewey, Editor-in-Chief



Haha, as if t-shirts weren’t over-priced enough already. But … people will inevitably pay for them. :-/

Comment by vilbobag

That’s what I want for Christmas, bb. Better start saving!

Comment by caitlindewey

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