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Girl Talk, Jack’s Mannequin and the Cool Kids to play Syracuse University’s Juice Jam by caitlindewey
Girl Talk played Cornell's Barton Hall last spring, and will headline Syracuse University's Juice Jam on BLANK

Girl Talk played Cornell's Barton Hall last spring, and will headline Syracuse University's Juice Jam on September 13

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Juice Jam rumors have been flying fast since UU Concerts dropped its impressive concert survey early this summer, but the Daily Orange has finally confirmed: Girl Talk will be headlining this year’s start-of-term concert, with Jack’s Mannequin and the Cool Kids opening.

It’s an exciting announcement for many SU students, who have seen these same acts narrowly pass our campus oh-so-many times before.  You’ll recall that Girl Talk, a.k.a. mash-up artist Gregg Gillis, made an appearance at Cornell last March, stirring the entire student body into a sweaty neon frenzy.  And Jack’s Mannequin, the piano-drenched power-pop outfit of former Something Corporate frontman Andrew McMahon, played a show at LeMoyne last year.

Now, students will have a chance to catch McMahon’s West Coast ballads and Gillis’ chaotic pop culture collages all in one convenient place!  Add the ’80s nonchalance of alt hip-hop duo the Cool Kids — who 20 Watts named an artist to watch last spring — and you have one hell of a kick-off show.

20 Watts will have extensive preview coverage in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, put on Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals, check out the footage from Girl Talk’s Cornell show below the jump, and start practicing your dance moves — Juice Jam really will jam this year.

— Caitlin Dewey




Comment by carlywolkoff

behind the times, syracuse. girl talk was so 4 years ago.

Comment by Tuan

Unless the SU website has it wrong the show isnt on the 15th like it is shown on the picture. Its sunday the 13th, from 12-6 which actually makes sense, i dont know who would have a show on a tuesday while ppl are in class, when the show is exclusively for students.

Comment by kend

lol how i’ll have seen him 3 times in 6 months by juice jam. this is wonderful news.

Comment by vilbobag

Thanks Kend! Typo on our part. Good call. The show is on September 13th and tickets are $10.

Comment by 20watts

do you have to be an su student to go? can an su student buy tickets for others to go?

Comment by rebecca

Hey Rebecca!

You actually have to show SUID at the entrance. But don’t be too bummed — Girl Talk is touring a string of universities across the country. Maybe you can catch him somewhere else!

Comment by 20watts

Hey – are you sure you need an SUID? I went to Bloc Party last year when my friend from SU bought me a ticket and I just needed an ID to prove I was over 18. She bought me a ticket to Girl Talk this year and I want to make sure I can go because if they changed it that would suck.

Comment by Marie

Hey Marie!

The official word from SU is that Juice Jam is a student-only event (check this press release: http://www.syr.edu/news/articles/syracuse-welcome-08-09.html).

We are checking with University Union for you, though. Check back later today for the final word.

Comment by 20watts

Hey Marie!

We heard back from UU. You do need an SUID to purchase tickets, but you’re right — you do NOT need to show SUID at the door. You cannot, however, buy tickets at the door.

So basically, if you go to another school but a friend at SU buys you a ticket ahead of time, you’re 100% good to go.

Have fun at the show! Maybe we’ll see you there.

— 20 Watts

Comment by 20watts

[…] Yeah, Girl Talk mashes pre-recorded music live at every show. A lot of people might be turned off by that. Fair enough; with no live instrumentation and no live singing, it’s perfectly valid to be wary. But there’s a reason for Girl Talk’s reputation, and there’s a reason that the vast majority of his concerts have been wildly successful. […]

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