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Editor’s Pick #170: Seasick Steve by Eric Vilas-Boas
Seasick Steve, with his Three-String Trance Wonder

Seasick Steve and his Three-String Trance Wonder

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Seasick Steve belongs almost exclusively to the American blues tradition. Playing on zany, custom-designed instruments like the “Three-String Trance Wonder” and singing about living rough and working hard  You might think that Steve was playing either self-admitttedly bad Weezer covers or some iteration of pirate rock.

Thankfully, the illustrious Steve Gene Wold has nothing to do with either Weezer or pirates (at least, I think). He does, however, have ties to Modest Mouse, having produced their second EP Interstate 8 and their full-length debut This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About. Moreover, he was friends with Kurt Cobain in his day and even played All Points West this past summer.

He’s been a hobo, a carnie, a cowboy, and many other things, but first and foremost calls himself “a song and dance man.”

— Eric Vilas-Boas, Production Editor

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