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Editor’s Pick #172: Grizzly Bear’s “While You Wait For the Others” (Feat. Michael McDonald) by JohnCassillo
September 10, 2009, 3:38 am
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Michael McDonald lends himself to Grizzly Bear, with debatable results

Michael McDonald lends himself to Grizzly Bear, with debatable results

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Grizzly Bear’s “While You Wait For the Others” (Feat. Michael McDonald) MP3

I’m not sure who decided this was necessary. Paul Rudd sure as hell didn’t.

Grizzly Bear released the single version of already-hit track, “While You Wait For the Others” last Monday. While listeners expected the title song, they surely didn’t expect what followed. For the B-side, the band chose the most unlikeliest of indie rock comrades, Michael McDonald, to sing vocals over the original backing track. As much as I enjoy pushing the envelope, is this tearing it apart?

The new version, with McDonald’s “marbles in his mouth” vocals, is good enough from a musical standpoint. To some, it may even be an improvement over Daniel Rossen’s crooning. But let’s be honest. This is a frightening experience. McDonald turns the indie jam into one of his overtly overdrawn ballads, and for that, fans will weep.

Like a car crash though, you just can’t look away, and that’s why we’re here, watching, cringing and then finally begging for it to end.

— John Cassillo, Reviews Editor


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