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Editors Pick #174: The Black Atlantic by caitlindewey
The Black Atlantic

The Black Atlantic play chilly, Bon Iver-tinged baroque pop

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD The Black Atlantic’s Reverence for the Fallen Trees
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With their sad, shadowy crooning and sweet acoustic overtures, Holland’s The Black Atlantic are pretty much perfect for gusty fall weather.  Frontman Geert van der Velde, late of the metal act Shai Hulud, wails and mourns like a Nordic Bon Iver, while the rest of the band — piano, flute and ukulele in hand — channel baroque pop through a chilly, North Sea lens.

Appropriately, the majority of their recent debut, Reverence for the Fallen Trees, was recorded in a log cabin in the Adirondacks.  Its ten tracks, all earnest meditations on life, death and remembrance, can be downloaded for free on the Black Atlantic’s site.  The Antlers and Spanish Prisoners also make appearances.

If you like either of those bands — or Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes, and others of their folk-pop ilk — you’ll have Reverence on heavy rotation.

— Caitlin Dewey, Editor in Chief

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