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The 20.3: Your Essential Guide to Christian Hardcore by ewhoffman

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In the early years, Christian hardcore bands were seen as tamer, less talented copies of their secular counterparts. When most people think of religious music they think of hymns, praise and worship, and bland church music.

There’s nothing wrong with praise and worship music, but it belongs in its place: in church on Sundays. These are real bands, filled with down-to-Earth dudes that go on tour, make music videos and write about real experiences.  In 2009  Christian bands are headlining festivals, topping charts, and leading the charge in their respected genres.

So what’s the very best in Christian Hardcore? 20 Watts’ ERIC HOFFMAN has the answer in our third 20 installment. Watch for new 20s each Thursday, only on 20 Watts, and check out our previous 20s below!



Awesome work, my man!

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Comment by Liam

christian hardcore? really guys? i didn’t know you hated your readers THAT much.

Comment by tony tiger

We love everybody, bb. We put the ‘Christian’ in ‘Christian hardcore.’

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