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20 Watts Reviews The Twilight Sad’s Forget the Night Ahead by Jeanette Wall
Forget the Night Ahead

Forget the Night Ahead plays more maturely than The Twilight Sad's first record

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“Shoegaze” comes to mind upon initial listen to The Twilight Sad’s Forget the Night Ahead. Two years after their debut studio album, the band has gotten noisier, grungier and bigger than fans may have expected. Their tracks are now primarily accented with distorted guitars and dark, heavy lyrics. But beyond that initial impression, you get the feeling that the band’s members have experienced quite a bit of growing up recently.

The album may be louder, but it is also more mature. Each track flows together, connected with experimental breakdowns and an instrumental number, “Scissors.” Both show a growing concern with guitar over vocals. Cohesion seems to be pertinent to the album’s construction, as opposed to their last album. Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters, though a good first release, played like random songs in a haphazard order. Here, there is a definite musical and lyrical reasoning behind the tracklisting.

Even still, there is quite a bit of shoegaze imagery in the band’s new sound. This is most notably portrayed by the video for “I Became a Prostitute.” Pieced together by sepia footage of city streets and burlesque shows, the video could serve as a backdrop during a My Bloody Valentine concert. So the drone resonates not only in their music, but also in their outward appearance.

Although The Twilight Sad’s latest release may bring about feelings of that “wall of sound,” they have a strong indie scent about them. Perhaps this comes from sharing a label with giants like Animal Collective and Sigur Rós. This could encourage a certain stereotype, including a strong presence at festivals and sizable “hipster cred.” But the members don’t seem very interested in these antics. Reportedly, they really just want to make enough money to keep making music. And by the sound of this record, they won’t have much of a problem doing so.

— Jeanette Wall

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