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Editor’s Pick #186: Air Waves by carlywolkoff
October 2, 2009, 7:19 pm
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Brooklyn band, Air Waves is expected to release their debut album this fall

Brooklyn band, Air Waves is expected to follow up the release of their stellar EP with a full-length debut this fall.

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Air Waves’ “Shine On” MP3

When asked why her band name Air Waves is spelled as two words rather than one, singer, Nicole Schneit responds, “If it’s one word, it’s the transmission of sound. If it’s two words, it’s just the air and the water.”  Like the elements, Air Waves’ sound is familiar, but more comforting than hackneyed — or, as Dan Deacon better puts it, “The music [Nicole] writes is like a favorite blanket wrapped around you.”

Evolving from Nicole Schneit’s singer-songwriter career, Air Waves is now a three-person band.  Schneit’s pre-pubescent boy-like voice is reminiscent of Kimya Dawson, except far less cutesy and annoying.  It adds a childlike innocence to their music, especially in the already playful “Shine On.”  Download Air Waves’ 5-song EP, or check them out at one of their many upcoming Brooklyn performances.

— Carly Wolkoff, Managing Editor

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