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20 Watts Reviews The Flaming Lips’ Embryonic by JohnCassillo

The Flaming Lips' Embryonic presents what may be their most daring work yet
The Flaming Lips’ Embryonic presents what may be their most daring work yet

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The Flaming LipsEmbryonic is perhaps the band’s most experimental work to-date. Abandoning their usual sense of melody and composition, they’ve completely retooled, instead creating a sound completely contingent on loud, discordant walls of noise. The album creeps in the darkness, billowing in the shadows until it explodes at various points through its 18 tracks. Even the effort’s more accessible offerings are nowhere near as friendly as past singles. Standouts like “Convinced of the Hex,” “See the Leaves” and “Silver Trembling Hands” are the rule, rather than the exception, amidst a lengthy set or spacey, distant tracks.

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— John Cassillo


Wayne Coyle said that nine of the 18 tracks are self satisfying.


Comment by Kop

I find it pretty tacky when artists attempt to validate themselves after releasing an album. The work can’t speak for itself? Like, “Oh, it’s okay if the songs suck because we were just being self-indulgent.” Really? Don’t get me wrong, I love The Flaming Lips, but don’t try to justify musical mediocrity after the fact.

Maybe I’m reading this wrong; do you have a link to the interview where he said this?

Nice review, btw, John, we can’t wait to see it on a glossy page!

Comment by vilbobag

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