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Editor’s Pick #191: Semisonic by 20watts
October 17, 2009, 2:50 pm
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Good old '90s alt rock

Good old '90s alt rock

If you remember 1998 then I’m sure you remember the song “Closing Time.” This classic ’90s alt rock jam by Semisonic was the band’s only major hit in the states. Some would consider them a one-hit wonder, but if you go back and listen to 1998’s Feeling Strangely Fine you’ll find that there are a lot of hidden gems still left to find.

“Never You Mind” is an up-tempo song that mixes a poppy piano loop, catchy guitar riffs, lead singer Dan Wilsons impressive vocal range and cleverly written lyrics. “Secret Smile,” which was released as the third single off Feeling Strangely Fine has a darker tone than most of the other tracks. It’s a love song, but one that has a pretty dark tone, which makes it really interesting. From start to finish this is a really solid pop album.

Wilson is a great songwriter and these guys weren’t afraid to experiment and change typical pop clichés that everyone uses. It’s sad that Semisonic is only remembered for “Closing Time” because a lot of their other songs are just as good.  So, if you wanna feel nostalgic, and maybe remember that time in elementary school when you first slow danced with a special guy or girl, pick up Feeling Strangely Fine. This time make sure you listen to the whole thing.

— Eric Hoffman, Production Editor

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Their song “F.N.T.” (Fascinating New Thing) from the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack was awesome too!

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