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20 Watts Reviews Between the Buried and Me’s The Great Misdirect by ExileOnMarshallSt
The Great Misdirect

Between the Buried and Me's Latest Release

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WE GIVE IT: 17/20 Watts

Between the Buried and Me reaches a pinnacle of performance with The Great Misdirect. Opening with a light surf guitar and Thom Yorke-like croon, lead vocalist Tommy Rogers draws in a captive audience. Yearning for attention, the opening track, “Mirrors” stands in stark contrast to the rest of the album. A crescendo of noise erupts from deep within the band, blasting beats pound, and sweeping arpeggios create a rich atmosphere of metalcore.

Vocally, Rogers does not make a point to conquer and divide listeners into love/hate categories. In fact, his primal screams are some of his most accessible yet.

The same can be said for the rest of the band as well, as instrumental explorations take the band from generic to progressive. “Obfuscation” and “Disease Injury Madness” both delve into Yes-era progressive jams. Ethereal space expands the confines of the band, certainly a welcome and logical next step for the group.

The Great Misdirect is not without its flaws though. Between the Buried and Me’s formula starts to wear on the listener by the final track, “Swim to the Moon.” Stale guitar shredding and straining vocals become interchangeable from song to song, leaving the listener wondering if the album should even have track divisions at all. Perhaps the band should have sought to achieve a larger concept with their sixth studio release, doing away with the classic metalcore album formula, instead shooting straight for a more progressive opus.

Between the Buried and Me open the door to a plethora of possibilities as the album comes to a close. The band is slowly venturing away from the metalcore typecast by exploring new genres and incorporating more variety to their song structure. Heavy and ethereal, The Great Misdirect wants to go further than it does, but that’s a story for another album.

— Chris Parker

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