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20 Watts Reviews Lymbyc System’s Shutter Release by ExileOnMarshallSt
Jared and Mike Bell of Lymbyc Systym

Sibling duo, Lymbyc Systym

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WE GIVE IT: 19/20 Watts

Instrumental, innovative and intrepid, sibling duo Lymbyc Systym returns to the airwaves this fall with their latest album, Shutter Release. The Tempe, Arizona, pair introduce fresh concepts that expand far beyond the constraints of genres or comparisons to similar acts. While not exactly electronic, yet not a traditional instrumental band, Jared and Mike Bell seek unadulterated originality on Shutter Release. Connections to bands like Ratatat and Broken Social Scene quickly break down as Lymbyc Systym set their own pace and present their own sound.

“Trichromatic” kicks off the album with an energetic, thumping drum introduction. A lush, reverberating guitar emerges from the sea of percussion. Stylistically, the first few bars resemble a modern take on Ennio Morricone’s Spaghetti Western anthems. However, Lymbyc Systym quickly negotiates the association as merely an influence, rather than a genre-binding tone for the entire album. Despite the instrumental nature of the album, “soundtrack music” hardly describes the feel of Shutter Release, with each track feeling as fresh as the last.

Elegant ballads emerge mid-album, reminiscent of a down tempo version of Ratatat’s LP3. However, Lymbyc Systym decides to trade Ratatat’s frantic, electronic pulse for a more delicate and mature sound. Jared and Mike Bell orchestrate each song so carefully that the continuity throughout the album is nearly seamless. While not a concept album, Shutter Release maintains a consistent tone throughout the track list without ever feeling tired. This bold point of difference helps Lymbyc Systym rise above a sea of nameless, uninspired instrumental acts.

As “Late Night Classic” fades out, a sample of a familiar voice to New York City subway riders warns listeners to “stand clear of the closing doors.” The simple message illuminates the cohesive nature of the album and works as the ultimate conclusion to Lymbyc Systym’s stunningly imaginative instrumental work.

Shutter Release works to push preconceived notions of instrumental-electronic music and is accessible for new listeners. Inviting and expansive, the Bell brothers have once again reinvented the wheel.

— Chris Parker

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