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Editor’s Pick #197: Bear vs. Shark’s Terrorhawk by JohnCassillo
November 5, 2009, 4:01 pm
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Bear vs. Shark's Terrorhawk is one of the most overlooked, yet essential records of the decade

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One of the definitive post-hardcore acts of the 2000s, it’s a shame that Bear vs. Shark had to disappear so quickly.  In just four years of existence, the band managed to put out two successful albums, including one of my nominations to be included among the best of the decade, 2005’s Terrorhawk.

From the fuel-injected opener “Catamaran,” to lead singer Marc Paffi’s apparent madness on “Heard Iron Bug, ‘They’re Coming to Town’,” to the spiraling, brash closer, “Rich People Say Fuck Yeah Hey Hey,” the record exudes a confidence few have been able to match.

The group shreds through every track, music thrashing about wildly, as they leave utter chaos around them. But amidst all the noise, it’s still a set of engaging and technically sound tracks, all of which, even the 28-second “Six Bar Phrase Hey Hey,” deserve your utmost attention.

For those who aren’t acquainted yet, you’re truly missing out on one of the most beautifully hectic efforts of the decade.

— John Cassillo, Reviews Editor

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