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Editor’s Pick #204: Studying To Trance Music by elizabethvogt


iTunes Podcast Trance Around the World with Above & Beyond

PREVIEW: STREAM Episode #250 of Trance Around the World with Above & Beyond

Here at Syracuse, mid-term time is pretty much insane. With the library filling up with five new kids per minute, it gets kind of tough when you’re trying to concentrate on the civilization and domestication of the Upper Paleolithic. Needless to say, with a subject as dull as that, I was desperately searching for something, anything that could help me focus.

Then I discovered trance. I always knew what trance was, of course:  that crazy genre of electronic dance music that kids listen to at raves while poppin’ some psychedelics (not recommended, by the way). Considering there isn’t a huge following in my hometown, I never really got into that scene the way the rest of the EDM kids did. After listening to an Itunes podcast that my friend recommended to me during an intense study sesh, however, I was instantly hooked. The radio show is called Trance Around The World with Above & Beyond and is broadcasted every Friday from the Above & Beyond’s studios in London. Unlike your simple iTunes playlist, TATW plays a non-stop set for two solid hours with transitions so smooth you don’t even realize a new track is playing. One of the coolest things about TATW: the last 30 minutes or so of each episode is devoted to a guest mix by a great DJ such as Armin van Buuren or Cosmic Gate.

After questioning many of my friends about TATW, the general consensus is this: TATW is the equivalent of musical adderall. That being said, the next time you sit down with your two-page long Anthropology review, download a free episode of TATW and watch how quickly you finish that sucker.

— Elizabeth Vogt, Assistant Front of Book Editor


Liz, I love you. I love Above and Beyond. Especially TAtW #250.

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