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Editor’s Pick #211: The Cranberries are back! by tjwell01

The Cranberries launched their comeback tour last night!

PREVIEW: READ SPIN’s article on The Cranberries’ first show of their comeback tour in Baltimore, MD

For six years, The Cranberries had remained a legend frozen in time that we all could listen to in memory and cherish as great Irish alternative rock. They were the band we made out to, the music we’d come to love in really bad chick flicks and the sound we miss most about the 1990s. And in a blink, they’re back from memory and now in reality. The Cranberries are back! They kicked off their U.S. comeback tour last night, and it’s about time.

The Cranberries are great not only because they have so many hits, like “Dreams,” “Zombie” and “Linger,” but because they were the face of a decade and a genre. It’s not like catching the Rolling Stones or Paul McCartney — The Cranberries weren’t  that iconic — but they’re one of those bands you can’t forget because their pop songs are so deeply entwined in our culture.

It’s kinda sad how old the 1990s feel — it’s like they’ve replaced the 1980s to us, and The Cranberries were like the Blondie of the 1990s. I feel so old now, as I type this. That said, I still don’t plan on catching them live, but I’m happy they’re still playing.

— Jett Wells, Assistant Multimedia Editor

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