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City Sounds 11/16: San Francisco by krkuchta

The Grateful Dead playing in San Francisco's Winterland Auditorium, 1971

Known for the “San Francisco Sound,” San Fran has had a steady music scene since at least the ’60s. With huge bands like The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Journey forming there it’s been a hot spot for trends and great music. In addition to an interesting history of mashup DJs, ‘Frisco has also thrown its two cents into West Coast hardcore and punk music with pioneers such as The Dead Kennedys and Green Day.

Listen up and listen good. WERW and City Sounds are crossing the Golden Gate Bridge for one hell of a night on Monday, 11/16, from 11pm-1am. We’ll send you off into the wee hours of the morning with some of the great new artists coming out of the Bay Area and give you some of their great mashup artists during the second half of the show.

— Kyle Kuchta



This is nitpickky, but…Metallica is also from San Fran. 🙂

Comment by Jett

That’s not nitpickky, that’s really helpful. I’ll look into that 🙂

Comment by krkuchta

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