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Editors Pick #212: Space Ghost Coast to Coast Featuring Pavement by ExileOnMarshallSt

Late in Pavement’s career, Space Ghost approached Stephen Malkmus with a glorious offer. Playing under the pseudonym the Beatles, the Stockton, California slacker indie band made a special appearance on October 24, 1997 on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. The end result is one of the craziest performances Pavement ever put on. Often overlooked, Pavement’s appearance on Space Ghost is a wonderful addition to any fanboy’s collection of rare clips and bits.

For those who have never seen the show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast mainly consists of non-sequiturs, pop culture icons, and a healthy dose of hilarious events. Pavement was asked to play on the show and then perform a cover of the theme song for the ending credits. Due to various contractual obligations, the band could not use their stage name and had to settle for something a little more obscure, The Beatles. This rare gem shows the band at their most playful even when relationships were growing tense. Check out both performances on Matador Records’ reissue, Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition.

Until then, here’s The Beatles!

— Chris Parker, Assistant Advertising Director

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