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Editor’s pick #213: Best Cover of Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay by Irina Dvalidze
Magnet and Gemma Hayes Cover Dylan's Lay Lady Lay

Magnet and Gemma Hayes Cover Dylan's Lay Lady Lay

PREVIEW: STREAM “Lay Lady Lay” by Magnet and Gemma Hayes
PREVIEW: STREAM “Lay Lady Lay” by Bob Dylan

We all know “Lay Lady Lay” is a classic, and you can never beat the original, however Magnet and Gemma Hayes did a pretty descent job covering one of Bob Dylan’s biggest US hits from way back in ’69.

Lay Lady Lay has been covered in official album releases from 26 different artists. Basically everyone from The Byrds, Duran Duran, Everly Brothers and Buddy Guy to Cher. Yes, Cher has reinterpreted the release. Magnet and Hayes give an already melodic piece a lighter more appealing  tonality. While in its first release by Dylan on Nashville Skyline, the song got the crowd’s attention because it was viewed to be so much smoother and softer in comparison to the rest of his work, Magnet and Hayes’s take on it sounds like pop lullaby.

A valiant attempt on the duo’s part, we dare call it the best cover of the Dylan classic to date. (And yes we listened to all 26 of them)

— Irina Dvalidze, Multimedia Editor


I prefer the Ministry cover because of the guitar work, both lead and bass are fabulous. The vocals are great too. Just my opinion, I dare to say.

Comment by Ramiro Valdivieso

I have to say that I believe the band ministry took the song lay lady lay and made it their own .

Comment by jon

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