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20 Watts Reviews Real Estate’s Real Estate by jluposello
November 17, 2009, 11:44 am
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Real Estate's debut self-titled is set to drop on November 17th

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WE GIVE IT: 14/20 Watts

In Janurary, the indie scene was abuzz with anticipation of Real Estate’s debut release, brought on by a hint dropped in the form of demo track, “Fake Blues.” The promising foursome, who hail from New Jersey, invoked thoughts of the Jersey Shore with tuned-down surfer rock ripe for consuming today’s lazy-loving indie scene. Their self-titled debut album accomplished just that, but unfortunately with a bit less enthusiasm than may have been originally thought.

Real Estate opens the album with a lonely guitar riff that brings the group into “Beach Comber,” which starts setting sights fairly high. The simplicity seems promising, but a bit too similar to the same tuned down approach of groups like Fleet Foxes. The sound is hardly refreshing, but comforting nonetheless. The group settles into a security reminiscent of albums past (read: indie released in 2008), but rarely departs from that security, much to our disappointment.

The record takes advantage of the popularity of simplicity in today’s indie scene, but much to its detriment, never reaches the depth achieved by some of their peers. Instead, it remains loftily afloat a sea of indie, with very little supporting it from beneath. While reaching a few high points on the aforementioned “Beach Comber” and their all-too-obvious psychedelic rock attempt, “Pool Swimmers,” they definitely show potential. Those are hardly enough to keep the album going strong, however.

Overall, the record is pleasing, but seemingly empty. The beach dwellers of Real Estate have managed to assume a state too relaxed for a group releasing their debut and it shows up negatively in the music. Fans of the genre may find a few moments of enjoyment in the record, but in the end will be left wanting a bit more. For the time being, we may have to sit back and wait for a sophomore release for Real Estate to hopefully realize their full potential.

— John Luposello

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