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Editor’s Pick #217: “Heaven Can Wait” Video Premiere by kabenn03
November 18, 2009, 7:09 pm
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Charlotte Gainsbourg just released a wonderfully weird video for her song "Heaven Can Wait"

PREVIEW: WATCH “Heaven Can Wait”

French singer-songwriter and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg recently premiered a video to her song “Heaven Can Wait” featuring Beck, according to spinner.com. The video is nothing but the singer and a long list of random images such as a chubby kid dancing around with a guitar, two men holding a missile with the “nachos” on it and a skateboard resting on hamburger buns. There is really only one phrase that comes to mind when watching it: wonderfully weird. Whether it makes you laugh or just leaves you with a confused look on your face (my reaction was a combination of the two), it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

— Kelsey Bennett, Copy Editor

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