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Editor’s Pick #219: 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Kings and Queens” by 20watts

"Kings and Queens" is the first single off 30 Seconds to Mars' This Is War

PREVIEW: WATCH 30 Seconds to Mars’ new video for “Kings and Queens

30 Seconds to Mars have never been a groundbreaking band. They write some decent rock songs, and their lead singer is a really good actor. (If you haven’t seen Requiem for a Dream, rent it immediately.) The one thing they always did well was make music videos.  “Attack, The Kill and From Yesterday” are really cool music videos. In an age where the art of the music video is waning, these guys continued to make some cool, long form music videos. Sadly, their latest music video for “Kings and Queens” is a disappointment. Some of the shots of a deserted Los Angeles are cool, but all the video does is show a bunch of people riding bikes. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

— Eric Hoffman, Features Editor



Enjoy! ^&^

Comment by Goldum

they’re not just people on bikes, it’s the Midnight Ridazz club which is famous in LA. They get together at random times in the year in the middle of the night in their costumes and ride through different parts of the city of LA. At that time it’s like they have the city to themselves. I think it’s amazing that they captured this LA tradition in their video. The riders are the Kings and Queens of the city….

Comment by natalie

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