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20 Watts Radio: Saturday Nov. 21 by 20watts
20 Watts

20 Watts played Annie, Elephant 6 and more on WERW

Eric, Chris, Caitlin AND special guest Mary are in the studio this evening!  We’re playing an hour of new music, an hour of Elephant 6 and an hour of local music.  Tune in by clicking this link — we’ll be here until 1!

Want to talk to us or request a song? IM werw1570, tweet @20_watts or call (315) 443-1278.

New tracks are in bold, local artists are italicized.

And don’t forget to tune in to 20 Watts’ Audiocandy+ shows on Wednesday and Thursday from 9-11 p.m.!

Title: My Love Is Better [16/20 watts — read the review]
Artist: Annie
Album: Don’t Stop

Title: Me Against the Music
Artist: Britney Spears and Madonna
Album: Greatest Hits

Title: XR2
Artist: M.I.A.
Album: Kala

Title: Disturbia
Artist: Rihanna
Album: Good Girl Gone Bad

Title: Fake Blues [14/20 watts — read the review]
Artist: Real Estate
Album: Real Estate

Title: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Artist: John Mayer
Album: Where the Light Is

Title: Hong Kong Cockfight
Artist: Euroboys
Album: Jet Age

Title: Baby By Me [14/20 watts — read the review]
Artist: 50 Cent
Album: Before I Self Destruct

Title: Cappuccino
Artist: The Knux
Album: Remind Me In 3 Days

Title: Norway [read John Cassillo’s editor’s pick on the single]
Artist: Beach House
Album: Teen Dream

Title: Slow Life
Artist: Grizzly Bear & Victoria Legrand
Album: New Moon Soundtrack

Title: When I’m with You
Artist: Best Coast
Album: When I’m with You 7″


Title: Old Familiar Way
Artist: Of Montreal
Album: The Gay Parade

Title: Ghost
Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
Album: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Title: Signal in the Sky
Artist: The Apples in Stereo
Album: Let’s Go!

Title: Popular Mechanics for Lovers
Artist: Beulah
Album: The Coast is Never Clear

Title: Motion in the Ocean
Artist: Nana Grizol
Album: Love It! Love It!

Title: Crayon Box
Artist: The Gerbils
Album: Are You Sleepy

Title: Naomi
Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
Album: On Avery Island

Title: Define a Transparent Dream
Artist: The Olivia Tremor Control
Album: Dusk at Cubist Castle

Title: The Lovely Universe
Artist: Circulatory System
Artist: Circulatory System

Title: Fun Loving Nun
Artist: Of Montreal
Album: The Gay Parade

Title: Yesterday’s World
Artist: Circulatory System
Album: Circulatory System

Title: Don’t Know Why (You Stay)
Artist: The Essex Green
Album: Cannibal Sea

Title: I Love How You Love Me (Phil Spector)
Artist: Jeff Magnum
Album: Live at Jittery Joe’s

Title: Strawberryfire
Artist: The Apples in Stereo
Album: Her Wallpaper Reverie

Title: Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2
Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
Album: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Title: Saints & Saboteurs
Artist: Why the Wires
Album: Love Elevators

Title: Definitive Gaze
Artist: Magazine
Album: Real Life


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