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Editor’s Pick #226: Lady Gaga only without the Lady, or the Gaga. by Isabel Alcantara

PREVIEW: WATCH Stefani Germanotta at an NYU talent show

Ragging on Lady Gaga is a sport many have adopted. It seems that she can’t do anything without catching a sizable amount of grief from the media and the general public, which – to be fair – is well deserved most of the time, given her lyrics about her “bluffin’ muffin,” her crazy outfits and the mere fact that’s she’s batshit crazy. While those are all valid reasons for critique, most people fail to grasp the fact that Lady Gaga is a real world version of a superhero. Alright, don’t panic, just hear me out.

When she’s on stage at the VMAs, wearing her red face-mask-body-suit-dress (what the hell is that?), and talking about God and the gays, she’s the character we’ve all grown to appreciate (Poker Face was stuck in your head for a solid hour once, don’t lie), but when she goes home and puts on her PJs, she turns into her version of Clark Kent: Stefani Germanotta.
I was recently shown Lady Gaga in her non-Lady Gaga form, and was pleasantly surprised, not because of the songs (they’re..meh), but because of the secret identity we so seldom get to see.

— Isabel Alcantara, Photo Editor


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