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You haven't truly experienced a rock concert until you've crowd surfed

PREVIEW: VISIT Panic! At The Disco’s Myspace

During my adolescent years I–embarrassingly–was one of those girls who loved every band Pete Wentz signed to his emo-pop record label, Fueled By Ramen. My particular favorite was Panic! At the Disco– and I must admit, I still have a soft spot for the band. Anyway, when my best friends Nicole, Gen and I heard Panic! were coming to Tsongas Arena in Massachusetts, we had a mild heart attack. We were too young to drive, and they weren’t touring any closer to our hometown in Rhode Island, so we begged our parents to take us to the concert. After weeks of non-stop harassment, Nicole’s parents got one of their family friends to take us to the show. To say that we were excited was an understatement.

The day of the concert we left around 11 a.m. so we would get to the venue by 12:30. You see, the tickets were general admission, so we wanted to get there early and wait in line so we’d be assured awesome seats. Being the good students we were, we brought homework and sat outside for almost 5 hours before the doors open–that doesn’t count the half-hour it took to actually get inside. But the waiting paid off: we were about five people away from the barricade.

Before the concert started the audience was sitting on the ground, waiting patiently for the opening act Plain White T’s. Eventually the lights went off, signaling the beginning of the concert; it was pandemonium in the crowd. The second Plain White T’s stepped foot on the stage, everybody rushed towards the barricade. We were pushed so close together I felt like the crowd was one giant person. When the music started, people began jumping around like madmen, soon creating a full-fledged mosh pit (Yeah, I don’t think Plain White T’s is exactly a “moshing band” either).

Nicole, Gen and I immediately tried to get out of the crowd, but nobody would move for us to leave. Somehow my friends escaped, but I was stuck in the crowd by myself with no way out. A guy next to me noticed my friends left, and that I was a little disheveled. He asked me if I was ok, and when I told him that I couldn’t leave the mosh pit he looked at me and yelled, “the only way out is up.” Though it may have sounded corny, he was right. At first I refused, but when I realized that my oxygen intake was dwindling I decided to take his advice. The stranger hoisted me up over the crowd, and a ton of hands moved me across the audience. I felt myself slowly gliding over the horde of people, while my clothes were pulled and I was raised higher and lower depending on the strength of the hands supporting me. I was absolutely petrified that someone would drop me, but I made it safely to the security guard, who looked at me like I was a delinquent. Quite invigorated, I quickly ran to my friends and found new seats just in time for Panic! At The Disco. Not only did I get to watch the concert without being crushed, I can now say that I’ve crowd-surfed–and sound a lot more badass than I really am.

– Dana Mikaelian, Communications Director

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