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Editor’s Pick #248: Novels-Modern Classics Free For All by Irina Dvalidze

Tokyo Police Club, Will Currie and The Country French, Born Ruffian, Tin Star Orphan and Chemical Sound collaboration

PREVIEW: Free Download from the Artist HERE

So seems like awesome indie artists will never run out of out cool side project ideas. At least this time around it’s free. Tokyo Police Club’s Graham Wright, Will Currie of Will Currie and The Country FrenchLuke Lalonde of Born RuffiansDean Marino of Tin Star Orphans and Jason Sadlowski of Chemical Sound got together one night and pulled a 24 hour non-stop recording session, which resulted in a project titled Novels, a 5 song EP. The entire process was captured by the film maker Wade Vroom in a 35-minute documentary, screened at this year’s Pop Montreal festival. But here is the most interesting part: the EP is not for sale. It is offered to the public as a free download–well, sort of. The authors do ask for something…

Here are the steps:

Step 1:Click to download the whole Novels album.
Step 2: Listen to all the songs.
Step 3: Give this link to your friends.
Step 4: Burn the Novels songs to some CDs.
Step 5: Share those CDs with strangers: hide them at the supermarket! Leave them at your doctor’s office! Have fun with it!
Step 6: Send an email with a photo and the city of where you hid the CDs. Send a photo of the random person you shared a disc with!

Talk about worldwide music connection.

–Irina Dvalidze, Multimedia Editor

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