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Editor’s Pick #256: RJD2’s “Let There Be Horns” by JohnCassillo
January 7, 2010, 2:51 pm
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Philadelphia producer RJD2‘s got a new video out, and though it’s not necessarily enterprising, it does get an A-plus for entertainment value. Focusing in on a day in the life of a minotaur, “Let There Be Horns” creates an entertaining story line to go along with our main character. Though a mythical creature, he exists in a world full of humans, driving his own compact car, working in an office and taking pills to deal with his problems–just like everyone else.

The tunes in the background are also well worth listening to. Mixing heavy beats, electronic instrumentation and horns, it’s a dynamic, and appropriate soundtrack to the minotaur’s mishaps and issues.

–John Cassillo, Reviews Editor

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