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Editor’s Pick #258: Urban Outfitters Catalog Videos by Irina Dvalidze

Preview: Urban Outfitters YouTube Page

We all know Urban Outfitters is right up there with the Salvation Army when it comes to Hipster Fashion Havens, except for the fact that  they provide items that are actually new and not worn out by someone’s grandmother. The store has also gained a well-deserved notoriety when it comes to finding some of the most impressive talents in contemporary art, music and photography to say the least. So, naturally, we wouldn’t expect them to settle for even a catalog that would be anything short of spectacular.

For every fashion season, along with the print catalog, Urban Outfitters also produces a video version of the catalog set to some of the best indie music acts one can find. Featuring everyone from Feist to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and even She&Him (before the She&Him bonanza swept the nation that is), the videos combine catalog photo shoot footage with print graphics to create pinnacles of multimedia creativity. Make sure to check out  more videos over at the Urban Outfitters YouTube page.

–Irina Dvalidze, Multimedia Editor

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