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Emerging Aritist: Yucuna by cweeks88

"Yuk, yuk, Yucuna"... Taking self-loathing in music to a higher level....

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I know what you’re probably asking: “What the hell is a Yucuna?” Now, without having to Google or Wikipedia it, I’m going to say it’s an Australian animal that dudes kill with boomerangs. Happy?

Anyways, with no gig listings out there, and a Myspace profile view count (as of this post) of 80, Yucuna is a prime example of why living in this new Internet age so freaking exciting and amazing! With only three songs on their profile, it is obvious that this group has just recently gotten together and made this music within the past few weeks. If we were living, say, like 15 years ago—it would probably have taken a couple years for these Aussies to hit our shores.

You’d figure the sound of heavily reverberated vocals would get tiring with the many ethereal indie bands emerging. Bands like Beach House–who make their music with miniKorg keyboards and pirated audio editing programs inside their closets–seem to be something that we will be getting tired of soon. However, Yacuna manages to give this type of “Dream-pop” a more mystical spin.

The track “Bogota” sounds like a future cell phone ad that involves Asian monks calling South American monks–both on their respective remote mountains. The band is deceivingly simple with their stringed instruments and chanting vocals, yet at the same time have a naturally dreamlike quality that can make you feel as if you’re tripping with a bunch lovely harmonizing Native Americans…or aborigines.

–Charlie Weeks

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