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Editor’s pick #260: Kings of Leon Clothing Line by 20watts
January 14, 2010, 5:16 pm
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Now you can dress just like Kings of Leon!

PREVIEW: VISIT Vouge’s website for a preview of The Kings of Leon clothing line

Did you ever wish that you could dress like the guys in Kings of Leon? Well now you can because on January 25, KOL will premiere their cool new clothing line called KOL x S2A. Whether you’re looking for a cool new flannel or your own pair of skinny jeans Kings of Leon got you covered. There’s one catch though, flannels cost $180 and skinny jeans cost $225. So, if you’re insane enough to spend $114 on a t-shirt or $104 on a plain old red bandana you can head to Barneys New York or online retailer Gargyle on January 25th.

-Eric Hoffman, Features Editor

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