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Editor’s Pick #261: New York Noise by carlywolkoff

PREVIEW: Visit “New York Noise’s YouTube channel

My bored-to-death high school evenings were often spent watching “New York Noise” on NYC TV, entranced.  “New York Noise” is basically what MTV should have been–full of the newest indie music videos, artist interviews and festival adventures, completely devoted to discovering up-and-coming talent.

Making me feel like an unaccomplished fool, Brooklyn native Shirley Braha masterminded “New York Noise” in 2003, the summer before her senior year at Smith College while interning at NYC TV.  And since its inception, we’ve gone virtual record shopping with Mark Ronson, drank tea with Tommy Ramone, toured Les Savy Fav’s apartment and partied at a rooftop barbeque hosted by Bishop Allen.

Luckily the fun hasn’t ended yet; word on the Internet is that new episodes will begin airing in May of this year.  But for now, if you live in the NYC metro area, you can catch reruns of this hour-long eyegasm at 11 p.m. on Wednesdays, channel 25.  Oh, and before ever contemplating the uselessness of the Oxford comma, guess who interned at “New York Noise”? None other than Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig.

–Carly Wolkoff, Front of Book Editor


I like the concept, but Ezra sounds like an idiot when he talks. lol.

Comment by Jett

dude what are you talking about. Ezra is adorable. He has a pillow his grandma gave him. how sweet is that?

Comment by irinadvalidze

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