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Mix Fix: Daft Punk and Marlena Shaw Remixes by tjwell01
January 26, 2010, 1:49 pm
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New remixes of Daft Punk and Marlena Shaw own the day.

PREVIEW THE DJ: Kid Dub’s MySpace

REMIX#1: Daft Punk’s “Around the World” (Kid Dub Remix)

It seems twisted to think about life before Daft Punk, but now after their TRON song leaked,  then surfaced rumors (yet false) about a scheduled Coachella performance and now this remix, it’s fabulous having these beautiful french techno geeks back in pop culture. Daft Punk are remixed like crazy, but it’s harder to sort through the garbage, and then sometimes you find a gem like this. It’s secret is its minimal adjustments and just the right amount of new jazzy flavor. This is a masterpiece remix by Kid Dub.

PREVIEW THE DJ: Diplo’s MySpace and Mad Decent’s MySpace

REMIX#2: Marlena Shaw’s “California Soul” (Remix by Diplo/Mad Decent)

Diplo has got to be one my favorite DJs, and he has a proven track record after working with M.I.A., and yet he still finds the time to mix old songs like “California Soul” by Marlena Shaw. It’s so random, and somehow he twists and beats it into an instant club classic. I doubt Shaw would appreciate the new sound but I’m sure she likes the new found attention.

–Jett Wells, Co-Multimedia Editor



Around the world is little good than the other one but nothing is bad in here anyway thanks for sharing


Comment by adalyn

I am gald you care about quality. The problem is that not enough individuals take the time to embrace talent. It’s a bigger issue at hand. The business as a whole is oversaturated. We need to begin to teach the youth and new generations about the four elements and the urban culture as a whole. Hip Hop not commercial rap music!

Comment by Kansas City DJ

all the 2 albums are 2 good downloaded them and hearing them again and again


Comment by nalsha

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