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Mix Fix: The XX Remixed by Popular Damage by tjwell01
January 27, 2010, 7:23 pm
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The XX get a jolt of adrenaline in this sick remix

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LISTEN: “Crystalised” by The XX (Popular Damage Assimilation)

Usually I don’t cater to the more industrial DJs, and this remix is definitely a lot more messed with than my average remix jam, but the Popular Damage remix of The XX‘s “Crystalised” is industrially awesome. By fusing the right kind of bass beat to let the song be itself, it also flipped it on its head completely by inverting a relatively light  song into a full-throttle mechanical-sampled, underground chest-thumper. It’s actually kind of funny since I had a relatively low opinion of The XX until they remixed Florence and The Machine‘s “You’ve Got the Love,” and then I started appreciating their DJ skills. And now, the remix mojo has passed onto Popular Damage.

–Jett Wells

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