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Editor’s Pick #274: Gaga at the Grammys by 20watts
February 3, 2010, 2:52 pm
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PREVIEW: VISIT Lady Gaga’s Web site

So, the Grammys were this past Sunday, but to be honest I didn’t watch. I don’t really care much about the awards and I choose to just watch the performances on YouTube afterward. While all of the performers were pretty good, my favorite had to be Lady Gaga. She stayed true to form with her somewhat creepy yet very entertaining show, proving once more how talented she is by performing with the one and only Elton John–and giving him a run for his money. Although the whole appearing on stage with Elton John thing has been done before, it’s a trick I never get sick of. Check it out for yourself above.

–Kelsey Bennett, Production Editor

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Not too hot on her outfit, gotta be honest.

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