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Flying Home – local jazz masters pack Syracuse’s Jazz Central by wagx3
February 10, 2010, 12:48 am
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Local jazz masters pack Syracuse's Jazz Central

February 5, 2010 at Jazz Central on E. Washington Street.

It may not seem like it, but jazz is still alive in Syracuse.  Local all-star band Flying Home are putting their own contemporary spin on the traditional art.  Last Friday, Syracuse’s Jazz Central was filled beyond its 63-seat capacity with friends and jazz fans eager to see the debut gig of this elite line-up of young twenty-somethings.  What they got was two sets of music: one mostly consisting of upper-tier jazz improvisation and the other a complete run-through of Flying Home’s debut CD First Contact.

This group is as much fun as they are professional.  Virtuosic guitarist Tom Bronzetti explores his remarkably wide vocabulary of melodies.  He’ll play a fast-flying riff reminiscent of Wes Montgomery, then foll low it up with a snippet of your favorite nursery rhyme..  He effortlessly communicates with his band mates during a tune, all while smiling and nodding along.  Keyboardist Dino Losito, a Central New York jazz master, filled in for Andrew Carroll.  Many seemed surprised when Tom announced he is not an official band member, as his unquestionable technical and melodic ability allowed him to blend perfectly.

Drummer Greg Evans never misses an accent and received much crowd recognition for his solos, some of which consisted of pounding poly rhythms.  Upright bassist Mike Robbins works his fingers hard to anchor the conversations and nail all the changes.  Percussionist Josh Dekaney, the elder of the group, layered the music with his signature sounds which include congas, wind chimes, and bells. The group was also joined by Alicia Bronzetti, an elegant vocalist who, despite her young age, is a true professional of the art.

Flying Home bring more than wisdom and passion to their live performance.  They share their deep sense of love and friendship, an aspect of jazz sometimes overlooked.  The audience didn’t hesitate to cheer or yell if they liked what they were hearing.  Many of Tom Bronzetti’s song preambles even received heavy laughter.  The band and crowd were in delightful spirits for a chilly night, and everyone was engaged in the music.

Whether you are a big jazz buff or even a little interested, Flying Home will send you home singing lines in your head.  There is much to be heard from these young cats on-the-rise.  Luckily for Syracuse, they are here to stay.

Flying Home’s site: www.myspace.com/flyinghomemusic

— Photos and Copy by Gene Wexler

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