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February 21, 2010, 10:15 pm
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Profiling Andrew Maury

Part of 20 Watts’ Best of the Decade Coverage!
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Only two years ago, Syracuse Universi­ty professors were lecturing Andrew Maury on the ins and outs of recording. Today, the 2007 graduate could teach them a thing or two: after all, he’s worked extensively with noted producer Chris Walla and helped engineer albums for Tegan and Sara and The Static Jacks.

Before he was a producer and remix ar tist, however, Maury was a television, radio and film major at SU. His extensive background in guitar and performing led him to join the band Magic Hour and record an EP during his junior year. It was working on the EP that truly sparked Maury’s interest in recording.

During his senior year, Maury decided to put his newfound love of recording to work. He started experimenting with remixes of songs by artists like Ra Ra Riot, Jukebox the Ghost and Tokyo Police Club. While most of the tracks never had a real outlet, he still credits his early work as the basis for the next chapter of his career.

“It wasn’t ‘til I graduated that my work re­ally found its focus,” Maury says. “But I learned an immense foundation while at Syracuse … all of the remixing work was really great training ground for the next level of skill and knowl­edge I am now tackling, which is producing and engineering.”

Maury’s transition into this new field was essentially every aspiring producer’s dream. After touring with Ra Ra Riot as their front-of-house live sound engineer last fall, Maury was introduced to Chris Walla, producer and guitarist for Death Cab for Cutie. Walla later invited Maury to L.A. for two weeks to help him engineer Tegan and Sara’s Sainthood.

After working hands-on in a studio, Maury decided to take on a few freelance mixing and recording jobs of his own. This past summer, he was given the opportunity to mix, record and produce an EP for The Static Jacks and a full-length album for The House Floor. Maury also became involved with the Remix Artist Collective, which remixes for bands like Radiohead, Phoenix, Bloc Party and The Shins.

“We each work on our own and procure our own remixes, but we present them under the same umbrella,” Maury says of RAC. “I still do remixes from time to time, but I am largely focused on becoming a producer who works with bands to record albums now.”

Though Maury gained an unbelievable amount of experience incredibly fast, he’s still just one of many young musicians struggling to make it in New York. The field is crowded, and the competition can be intense. But Maury’s had success thus far, and he isn’t worried yet.

“I have met people at events like CMJ and various shows who have heard of me and my work,” he says. “NYC is a great breeding ground for musicians.”

— Elizabeth Vogt

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