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20 Watts Reviews Title Tracks’ It Was Easy by JohnCassillo

Title Tracks provide an interesting, engaging debut effort

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John Davis seems to have finally gotten it right. After spending seven years drumming for Q and Not U, Davis co-founded Georgie James, which fizzled out in 2008 due tension with bandmate Laura Burhenn. Title Tracks’ debut album It Was Easy channels the musical frustration Davis felt following the failed Georgie James endeavor. The nine original songs and two cover tracks have a classical pop structure and give off an upbeat façade. Meanwhile, the lyrics express serious emotional distress.

“Black Bubblegum” is a perfect example of this seemingly two-faced album. The track is among the most pop-sounding on the album (no pun intended), yet the lyrical content issues a stern insult on Davis’ behalf. Reminiscent of a mellower Relient K, the first track “Every Little Bit Hurts” and the title track, follow suit. Title Tracks pepper the fade-out of “Every Little Bit Hurts” with a light chuckle, proving that they are not too clean-cut and do not take themselves too seriously.

Halfway through, one can find himself thinking that the sound has been a bit repetitive—before the surprise of gloomy Bruce Springsteen cover “Tougher Than Love.” The D.C. rockers’ version is shorter and more stripped, but even with a preference for the original, taking on The Boss was a bold decision that offers a welcome change of pace and displays the band’s versatility.

The latter half of It Was Easy boasts a mix of 60s and 70s British rock with low-key pop beats. “Found Out” and sincerely cheery “Steady Love” are fast-moving tracks that could be considered the dance tracks of the indie rock album. The introductory chords to “Found Out” are reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday, whereas “Steady Love” has significant Silversun Pickups undertones.

Finishing off the album is a cover of The Byrds “She Don’t Care About Time.” The song is ideal for the group considering The Byrds are one of their stated musical influences. Both versions feature numerous similarities, and to the casual listener, may be almost identical.

Title Tracks demonstrates the spunky side of indie rock with their debut album. If for no other reason, it’s worth giving It Was Easy a listen due to its short duration (only 32 minutes!)–with no song longer than three minutes and 45 seconds. Hopefully Davis will be able maintain positive relations with his fellow band members because Title Tracks shows promise for growth and success.

–Dana Falcone

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