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Mix Fix: “I Can Go Thug” by Rusko Vs. Ludacris (Twerkshop Remix) by tjwell01
February 23, 2010, 2:22 pm
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Twerkshop is my favorite DJ group right now.

PREVIEW THE DJ: Twerkshop’s MySpace and Facebook Page

LISTEN: “I Can Go Thug” by Rusko Vs. Ludacris (Twerkshop Remix)

It’s official, Twerkshop is my flavor of the week, and maybe next week. All I needed to hear was this remix of Rusko Vs. Ludacris‘ “I Can Go Thug.” The style is highly industrial but with so much more finesse than computer beeps and bops. I want to say these Orlando, FL guys sound like Big Mouth five years down the road. Once I stepped into the Twerkshop world, I found their masterful collection of mixes featuring Britney Spears, Amanda Blank and Jay-Z. Good DJs have mixing talent and flex original content, but it takes a great DJ to mix great content and still make it wholesome and original. These guys have that greatness in them. Like what you hear? Download their greatest tracks from their Box.net account here. Focus on the Pon De Floor Mix and the Jay-Z Vs. Glitch mix as well.

–Jett Wells


you write about all of my favorite new remixes. literally every single one haha props props props

Comment by elizabethvogt

hahahaha. Thanks. I seriously love these guys tho.

Comment by tjwell01

Chek the RUSKO MAD DECENT PODCAST for the new album here…http://bit.ly/damJx0

Comment by The KiD

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