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20 Watts Video: Bears in America @ The Jabberwocky Cafe by tjwell01

PREVIEW: VISIT Bears in America’s MySpace

For a small quiet room underneath the Schine Student Center, the Jabberwocky Cafe was full of soul and life last night–thanks to Bears in America and Emmery Brakke. Few people came out, but the dimly lit room wasn’t trying to pretend it was Madison Square Garden. Last night’s Artists on the Brink showcase spotlighted the two local campus acts, and it was a quiet, calming experience. Serene humming and gentle acoustic guitar chords soaked up the still air. Although Bears in America capped the night, Brakke stood out with an amazing voice. Be sure to check her out this Friday at O,Morning Records’ Sunrise/Sunset event, which includes Sarah Aument, The Fly, The World Record Players and Northbound Traveling Minstrel Jug Band.

–Jett Wells



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yeah what 初体験 said. Totally.

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