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City Sounds 3/1: Portland, ME by krkuchta

City Sounds travels to Portland, Maine, this week!


You know, most people would be asking, “What the hell? Portland, Maine? Why not Oregon, you dumbass?” Well first off, City Sounds’ first show was Portland, O.R, and there aren’t any repeats in this series. Second of all, I think our very much alive listeners will be pleasantly surprised to hear the interesting and unique artists coming from that state way up in the tippy-top, east side of the United States.

I stumbled across some of Portland’s music when I realized that I accidentally played Brown Bird as an artist from Providence, R.I. At first I was ashamed, but that shame turned into curiosity as I started to find that Portland had quite a few Americana and folk artist. Besides Brown Bird, there are Fire on Fire, Gypsy Tailwind and Over a Cardboard Sea, all with their own “American” style.

But besides this Americana music, there are also some other artists that can fit right into the category of good old alternative. Rustic Overtones and The Cambiata keep Portland rocking along with a strong singer-songwriter presence from Lady Lamb The Beekeeper and Dilly Dilly. Honestly, there is nothing Portland, ME doesn’t have. It compares to Portland, Oregon with this neo-folk influence, but as we all know, East and West Coasts differ quite a bit.

To find out more about Portland’s booming music scene, listen to City Sounds on WERW Monday night from 11pm-1am.

— Kyle Kuchta

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