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Editor’s Pick #287: Mark Hoppus Uncut by 20watts

I'm still in love with Blink-182

PREVIEW: WATCH Mark Hoppus’ Uncut video on YouTube

Ok, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been obsessed with Blink-182 lately. Mark, Tom, and Travis; they’re great! Who doesn’t love a little “All The Small Things,” “Stay Together For the Kids,” or “Down?” They were the first band I really feel in love with, so maybe my obsession has to deal with nostalgia, but I don’t care. I’m psyched that they’re back. Gillette actually put together this video of behind the scenes footage of Mark Hoppus. Watch as he prepares for Blink’s show last summer at Madison Square Garden. He rides his bike around the Garden, warms up his voice, and talks about life on tour. Hopefully this will help you get your Blink fix for the day.

-Eric Hoffman, Managing Editor

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