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20 Watts Reviews A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s Nitetime Rainbows EP by ExileOnMarshallSt


A Sunny Day in Glasgow's latest EP is a shoegazer's dream

WE GIVE IT: 17/20 Watts
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In the wake of their successful 2009 release Ashes Grammar, Philadelphia-based dream pop band A Sunny Day in Glasgow have already compiled a lavish new EP for 2010. Nitetime Rainbows takes a step away from the band’s shoegaze roots, and begins to explore new territory. Songwriter Ben Daniels swaps Jesus and Mary Chain influences for Flaming Lips-esque tones on Nitetime Rainbows.” Rather than the typical, ambient vocal mix, lead vocalists Annie Fredrickson and Jen Goma are mixed with neo-psychedelic overtones. A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s vocals always radiate beauty, but Nitetime Rainbows sounds even more lavish than the band’s previous work.

Harkening back to their shoegaze heritage, “Daytime Rainbows” is sweeping, explosive, and ever powerful. Genre pioneer Kevin Shields would be proud of the band’s mastery of composition and use of guitar effects. Tight drum rhythms and subdued synthesizers sound natural and effortless. Juxtaposed to this sonic orgasm, “So Bloody, So Tight” blissfully blends shoegaze and electronica.

It’s difficult to imagine a musical world without A Sunny Day in Glasgow. For the past few years, the band has been exploring a dated genre and retuning the sound for the new millennium. By the time Nitetime Rainbows EP concludes, listeners could be filing it away next to Loveless and Psychocandy. What makes the band even more unique is their ability to recreate their studio-album atmosphere in their live performances. Quite possibly one of the most creative bands on the circuit, A Sunny Day in Glasgow is just getting started. If the Nitetime Rainbows EP is any idea of the direction Daniels is taking the band, we can expect some amazing outputs in the future.

-Chris Parker

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