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Mix Fix: “Lair” by Peepholes (E*Rock Remix) by tjwell01
March 12, 2010, 3:21 pm
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Peepholes is an experimental pop sensation waiting to blow.

PREVIEW THE DJ AND THE BAND: E*Rock’s MySpace and Peepholes’ MySpace

LISTEN: “Lair” by Peepholes (E*Rock Remix)

If you like Ratatat‘s electric guitar loops and Wavves’ lo-fi blurry pop sound, then this remix might fit your needs. These Brits are a highly experimental pop duo that really loves using mechanical sound and lo-fi/garage rock mixed with synth-pop choruses, and this song keeps sticking around. The original “Lair” track isn’t as filtered as the remix by E*Rock, so I chose the remix over the original since the rhythm tends to get swamped by the muffled high-pitch vocals. If there’s an consistent theme in experimental rock groups, it’s that any sound has a chance, and these guys have enough pop to make some serious noise later on.

–Jett Wells

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