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20 Watts Video: Neon Indian @ Big Orbit Soundlab by tjwell01

PREVIEW: Neon Indian’s MySpace

Our everlasting thirst for great concerts never yields, even if it requires a two-and-a-half hour trek to Buffalo, NY.  No one left the secluded dive bar, Big Orbit Soundlab, with any regrets. Neon Indian was tight, electric and rocked with a new found swagger. Things are looking bright for Alan Palomo’s crew after they locked up a set at Bonnaroo and played for the Jimmy Fallon Show.

The set was short and sweet, but only because the band is only loaded with one small, crazy-good LP, Psychic Chasms. Give this band more time to thicken the arsenal of songs, and Neon Indian can be a hell-raiser live act. For an encore, Palomo had to dig deep and pull out a VEGA jam–yeah, I think it’s time to get on that next album.

–Jett Wells

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