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Editor’s Pick #291: Uuuh, Lady Gaga? You’ve got cigarettes all over your sunglasses. by Isabel Alcantara

PREVIEW: Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé in ‘Telephone’ – the newest installment in the Gaga-saga.

Telephone, the newest Lady Gaga video sensation featuring Beyoncé, has officially been banned from MTV (with claims of it being overly explicit) – with other networks soon to follow – but has received more than 14 million hits on YouTube since its release.

As Lady Gaga’s assault on the pop genre continues, more and more people seem surprised at the ridiculous outfits, the increasing explicit content of her videos and her general bat-shit-craziness. But seriously? What else could we expect from the Lady, who brought us the disturbing Bad Romance video and the spontaneous bleeding at the VMAs?

The video itself makes no sense (shocker). Alluding to Kill Bill with the infamous Pussy Wagon, and Thelma and Louise with the closing scene (not to mention the relentless Virgin Mobile product placement), this video is supposedly the sequel to the previously released Paparazzi video, but really it’s just a batch of crazy with a sprinkle of awesome.

Alright, a whole bucket of awesome.

— Isabel Alcantara, Photo Editor


it makes PERFECT sense

Comment by tjwell01

No it doesnt. she has crossed a line from an artist to a crazy woman. its just a little much.

Comment by irinadvalidze

Thats why it’s so awesome though! She’s pushes the envelope.

Comment by tjwell01

that’s a BIG envelope she’s pushing.

Comment by Isabel Alcantara

SO much product placement. The video doesnt make sense with the song. Plenty o fish, beats by dre logo on the back of the computer? lol haha just raunchy.

Comment by Nick Cicero

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