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20 Watts Reviews Woodhands’ Remorsecapade by JohnCassillo
March 23, 2010, 12:26 am
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Remorsecapade just doesn't live up to the lofty expectations set by its cover art

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If nothing else, Woodhands‘ third full-length Remorsecapade has the best album art of 2010. Strangely though, the image of laser-wielding robots chasing after majestic-looking horses seems to fit the effort. Brash, intricate and fun, it’s the perfect tone setter for the collection of electro-pop.

From track to track, Remorsecapade functions as a wild, nearly involuntary ride. Every song starts off as a trip into a world filled with strobe lights and synths, and only lets up for the few seconds you get between each song to catch your breath before the next one starts. “I Should Have Gone With My Friends” probably packs the most punch in this regard. The standout track doubles as a club banger that would surely grab radio play from a more notable artist. Yet here, it manages to function as the most outrageous example of the record’s capabilities.

Still, some of those capabilities, and the potential displayed by “I Should Have Gone With My Friends” and other tracks like “Talk” are never met by the album as a whole. Though the crazed, frenzied vibe works to garner initial interest and the opening sound bites, it’s not consistent enough to hold your attention for its entirety. “CP24” is just too all-over-the-place, while “Dissembler” seems too relaxed to make sense in the short space. Closer “How to Survive a Remorsecapade” gives it all an impromptu and disappointing finish by just drifting away, and leaving the once thriving club atmosphere as a distant footnote instead of the main takeaway.

For all its visual and audible fun (both realized and unrealized), the album ultimately falls short of what it could have become. Between subpar vocal tracks, indeterminate moods and a loose theme (amongst other issues), Remorsecapade never truly defines itself. Because of this, the effort is almost judged as incomplete, leaving the listener with something to be desired in the big picture.

-John Cassillo

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