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Syracuse in Running for Victoria’s Secret Concert Event by JohnCassillo
March 24, 2010, 3:33 pm
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Syracuse could have a free concert next fall

For those who may be dissatisfied with concert selections during your time at Syracuse, perhaps this is a way to actively change that feeling.

Victoria’s Secret PINK is running an online voting competition throughout 59 different college campuses in the U.S. The winner gets a free Back to School Bash put on by the company. The event would include a concert, free PINK merch, celebrities and Victoria’s Secret models (so not a bad deal). While the musical artist for the event– which would take place next fall– has not yet been chosen, past performers have included Girl Talk, Cobra Starship and Fergie.

If you’re interested, and want to vote to help impact who wins, check out the contest at the PINK Nation website. You can vote once per day, but the first round ends THIS FRIDAY. If SU gets past the first round, it’ll continue to compete against other schools in a bracket-style format. The winner will be announced April 20.

-John Cassillo, Reviews Editor


I’m not dissatisfied by this semesters concert season. And Girl Talk and Fergie? Been there, done that.

Also I don’t give two shits about Cobra Starship.

Comment by Jett

Do it for the free PINK merchandise, Jett. Haaaahaha.

Comment by caitlindewey

… Or actually read the article, Jett.

-I didn’t criticize this semester’s concert season– but the concert selection of our four years here overall (subpar at best).

-The artists mentioned are ones they’ve picked in the past, not what they plan on doing in the future. This is also stated pretty clearly in the article.

Comment by johncassillo

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