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20 Watts Reviews Lali Puna’s Our Inventions by jluposello

20 Watts reviews Lali Puna's Our Inventions and gives it a 15/20 watts.

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WE GIVE IT: 15/20 Watts

The German indietronica quartet of Lali Puna have been turning out genre-defining work via their ancestral label Morr Records for over 10 years, and have rarely disappointed with their synth heavy, introspective tracks. The group’s latest effort Our Inventions holds true to form, delivering a sonic landscape of crackling blip beats beside frontwoman Valerie Trebeljahr’s deceptively poised vocals.

Lali Puna were hardly the ones to invent the ever-expanding genre of indietronica, but since their first release, 1999’s Tridecoder, they’ve commanded a presence in the genre that’s hard to ignore. Thriving on a sound that can be described as hauntingly tranquil at the very least, their latest effort draws listeners for an intensely intimate listening experience.

On tracks such as “Remember?” and “Future Tense,” listeners are welcomed by Lali Puna’s all-too-recognizable glitch beats provided by drummer and Notwist frontman Markus Acher. Beneath the intricacies of the beats though lies a simplistic synth structure that evolves beautifully within the tracks, drawing listeners deeper into the trance inspired by the tracks as the record progresses.

Perhaps the only real downfall of the record is the lack of change from track to track. Unfortunately, Lali Puna seems to stick to a pretty standard, albeit successful, formula throughout the record, which can be misinterpreted as a lack of creativity. And after the group’s six-year process in creating this record, that’s hardly a feeling that fans will relish in.

While none of the songs feature many memorable nuances, the effort is a solid one, and definitely an excellent listen for any fan, or soon-to-be fan of the genre. With Our Inventions, Lali Puna has managed to create yet another of indietronica’s most notably sedate, yet thought provoking listens.

– John Luposello

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