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News of Note: Matt and Kim @ Hamilton College on April 10 by tjwell01

Hamilton reels in another big name indie artist in Matt and Kim.

PREVIEW THE ARTIST: Matt and Kim’s MySpace

PREVIEW THE EVENT: Matt and Kim @ Hamilton College

Hamilton College pretty much solidifies its reputation as an indie-rock college, now that they’ve booked Matt and Kim for April 10th at The Annex. Earlier this semester they booked YACHT and MNDR, and have also nabbed Passion Pit, The Dirty Projectors and Dan Deacon for May 7th. I’ve seen Matt and Kim twice, and they’re a fun show overall. The opening acts are The Death Set and Downbeat Keys.

–Jett Wells


i think you should transfer to hamilton so you can finally be satisfied by an event at your school!

Comment by anon.

If you’re saying Hamilton has better concerts, then I agree with you. lol.

Comment by tjwell01

the good weather is bringing all the haters out from the arctic slumber.

but on the real, dropping the miike snow review because of negative feedback is a weak showing 20 watts.

Comment by anon2

Matt and Kim suck and you know it.


Comment by STEW

I accidentally deleted the post. My Fault. It didn’t get taken down for negative feedback.

Comment by tjwell01

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