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ISSUE 21 | Soundalike: Ke$ha by 20watts
April 1, 2010, 2:31 am
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Find out which hot artists match-up with Ke$ha.

Part of our Issue 21 coverage!

Nashville-native Kesha (or Ke$ha, depending on your preference, and pronounced KESH-uh) knows how to work her image. This 22-year old pop star writes about waking up drunk in a rich dude’s front yard. She tweets about wanting it to rain so she doesn’t have to shower. She breaks into pop star’s homes (like Prince’s) to give them her demo CD. She’s wild, or least, really wants people to think she is.

Regardless of her reputation, Kesha’s pop music captures attention. Last January, her debut, Animal, knocked Susan Boyle’s LP from the top spot of Billboard’s list of best-selling albums and her single, “Tik Tok,” has been #1 on the Hot 100 chart for over a month. Her half-sung, half-spoken lyrics may be heavily tweaked by Auto-Tune, but her songs are so infectious that eventually you might be dancing too hard to care.

If you dig Kesha’s hip-hop-influenced, party-gurl pop, you’ll definitely jam to these similar artists. Granted, they might wear as much glitter, but we’re willing to overlook that if you are.


If Kesha had a British accent and looked slightly more hip, she would, for better or worse, be Uffie. Like Kesha, this Paris-based singer utilizes voice-corrected electronic rapping in her music. Although Uffie’s electro-pop music sounds less produced than Kesha’s, her lyrics give off a similar bad-girl vibe. She talks up her emcee skills and loaded bodyguard on “Pop the Glock,” while the track, “Ready to Uff,” lets everyone know she’s “ready to fuck.” If you think Uffie ripped Kesha’s style—think again. Her Pop the Glock EP dropped in 2006.


Peaches broke onto the electronic music scene 10 years ago with her debut album, The Teaches of Peaches. The bold singer, like Kesha, raps more than she sings, but unlike the new pop star, she emanates sex—dirty sex. Her beats are distorted and heavy, while her lyrics yearn for lustful satisfaction. The first line of her best-known song, “Fuck the Pain Away” is “Suckin’ on my titties.” Though Kesha’s speaks more to drinkers than nymphomaniacs, both these girls know how to get people to pay attention to them, regardless of whether or not the attention is negative.

Little Boots

This UK-import kicked off her career singing in the electro-pop band Dead Disco before deciding to fly solo as a DJ. Victoria “Little Boots” Hesketh channels a dance-pop style similar to Kesha’s but her beats sound a lot more club-oriented. Think Kesha’s “Take It Off” without the Auto-Tune. Though her songs like “Meddle” and “Stuck on Repeat” will get in your head, they’re less upbeat than Kesha’s pop songs. Turn Little Boots on at your next party to end the night with a trippy electronic experience.

Mouth’s Cradle

If you dig Kesha’s half-sung, half-rap style, you’ll love Mouths’ Cradle‘s mix of lo-fi pop and hip-hop. Syracuse University sophomore Kevin Hegedus started Mouth’s Cradle in 2008 as an outlet to make music based on human body sounds. Last June, he teamed up with SU senior Brandon Linn to add heavier beats to the mix. Mouth’s Cradle’s hip-hop tracks like “Cool” prove that like Kesha, Hegedus has an ego. While Kesha has bluntly let the world know that she wakes up in the morning feeling like a rap mogul, Hegedus spits “best under pressure” and, according to “Cool,” he’s far too good for your daddy’s daughter. Though Hegedus is currently taking a semester off, he and Linn plan to continue working on their first full-length album. In the meantime, Mouth’s Cradle EP, Baby Teeth is available via HoldMyCoat.com.

–Alex Kish

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