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Movie Music: Catch and Release by Isabel Alcantara

The Catch and Release Soundtrack

After the popular phenomenon of the Garden State soundtrack, a whole series of movies with killer indie soundtracks began to pop up at the box office and Catch and Release is no different.

The film takes place in Boulder, Colorado, a haven for hippies and yuppies alike, in the shadow of the Rockies. A not-so-special story about soon-to-be newlywed, Gray (Jennifer Garner) who loses her fiancé in a not-quite-specific accident, Catch and Release explores the generic themes about dealing with loss and learning to move on.

Pick your head off of your desk and rub the sleep out of your eyes, because the soundtrack is entirely different  and  – I would say – the film’s sole redemption (aside from Kevin Smith, who is hilarious. All the time). Just like the city of Boulder, the collection of tracks is a combination of the older, more mature sounds of Paul Westerberg and Evan Dando, from the Lemonheads, and the newer sounds from the younger crowd like The Magic Numbers and Doves. Although Dave Grohl makes an appearance, it’s as the lead for the Foo Fighters and not the drummer of Nirvana. It’s like worlds colliding.

The tracks are organized in order of appearance, just like Garden State, as a way to mirror the movie and the music as closely as possible. After watching the film and subsequently listening to the soundtrack, it’s hard not to picture Gray (Garner) at the funeral when listening to the Foo Fighter’s “Razor,” just like Death Cab‘s “Sould Meets Body” has a feel of conclusion and resolve when Gray drives to see Fritz (Timothy Olyphant) at the very end. Whoa, spoiler.

For the most part, this soundtrack varies from pop tracks like “Mornings Eleven” by the Magic Numbers, to folk/rock numbers like Gary Jules‘ “Pills,” and Gomez’s frantic-sounding “These Three Sins,” but still keeps a solid foundation by putting together a collection of songs that need the wind blowing in through your car window, or the soft breeze on a riverbank. And if you’ve ever been to Boulder, you know this soundtrack captures it well.

S0, throw on some Birks and your favorite t-shirt, your headphones and take a stroll with this compilation. We’ll be here when you get back.

— Isabel Alcantara


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